How to Sublimate Ceramic Mugs? – A Comprehensive Guide

How to sublimate ceramic mugs

Seeing a coffee mug sublimation with your favorite photo, text, or graphic is precious for anyone who loves to have customized belongings. Whether you are artistic and want to sublimate ceramic mugs for yourself or plan to start an online business of sublimation mugs, You are on the right track. Customized sublimation coffee mugs make …

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How to Print on Transfer Paper for T-Shirts?

How to print on transfer paper

When you’re looking for a way to improve the quality of your prints, transfer paper may be a good option. Transfer paper is used to print text and images on paper that is already received as Document. It can be used in both full-page and single-page print. Different types of transfer paper can be used …

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How to remove the screen printing from a shirt?

How to remove print from t-shirt (1)

People always say, “Take it easy on the printing.”  They know that the only way to keep a shirt from getting wrinkled is to change it often. But, when it comes to how to remove the screen printing from a T-shirt? Anytime you print something on fabric, you run the risk of split stitches and …

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Sublimation Ink Vs Pigment Ink- Which One To Choose

difference between sublimation ink and pigment ink

Introduction The primary difference between sublimation ink Vs pigment ink is the way each material is used. When you are thinking about sublimation printing and how it works, it can be helpful to know how it compares to regular printing processes. There are two great ways to do sublimation: 1. Use dye ink for sublimation …

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