5 Best Sublimation Printers for T-Shirts [ Beginner Guide]

learn how to choose best sublimation printers for t-shirt

Undoubtedly, the art of sublimation and creating customized stuff for yourself is the most gratifying feeling a person would yearn for, especially on T-shirts. What more a fashionable folk would need to get a Classy, voguish look? If you’re an entrepreneur, choose one sub printer from our tailored list of finest sublimation printers for T-shirts and start acing your sublimation t-shirt business.

If you have decided to run an online or a physical store selling customized, personalized stuff; You are on the legitimate track. This business is going to get you a goose with golden eggs. Indeed, that goose will benefit you progressively. Depending on how you take it, the art of sublimation can be both enjoyable and rewarding. It is because any object may be altered, making it suitable for launching your own business or having unique apparel. Aside from having talent, marketing yourself as a printing artist can earn you a lot of money.

We believe that purchasing the best sublimation printer for t-shirts is a beautiful approach to begin your t-shirt printing business. suimation printer are more expensive than other printers, but if you want to sell your t-shirts, they could provide you with an advantage over your competitors.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 sublimation printers for t-shirts printing that are perfectly tailored to your needs and requirements.

1. Epson EcoTank ET3760 All-in-one Economical Super tank Printer

Epson et 3760 Supertank Printer  for t-shirts

If you hate filling the ink cartridges from time to time, this Epson EcoTank printer from the super tank line of printers produces high-quality prints at a reasonable cost of ownership. It uses ink efficiently, saving you money on both ink and electricity. The 1.4-inch color display makes learning how to use this Printer easier. Loading ink is a breeze, Thanks to the Printer’s Quick Start instructions and labeling.

This Printer may be a better bargain for small businesses because it is inexpensive to operate and works at a resolution of 5760 x 1440 DPI. It can effortlessly handle large workloads and complete tasks in seconds without sacrificing quality.  

The big flatbed scanner, which can be accessible by lifting the top, can scan anything that fits on the bed in high quality. The output tray is a pull-out tray where printed papers are collected. Its software is entirely functional on Windows and Macintosh. In exchange for the lower price, you give up a lot of capacity and a few crucial productivity features, such as an auto-duplexer and the ability to send and receive faxes.


  • The Printer contains thousands of pages of ink
  • The output quality of PrecisionCore printheads is exceptional
  • Extremely cheap operating costs
  • a two-year warranty
  • Excellent possibilities for mobile Connectivity.


  • The standard volume and duty cycle ratings might be more significant
  • Flash memory devices aren’t supported
  • Only a 150-sheet paper tray is available
  • The Doc Feeder is not an auto-duplex feeder

2. Epson ET-8500 Wireless Color Printer

Epson et 8500 Wireless Color Printer

The Epson EcoTank 8500 is a playmaker Wireless Color Printer that crosses almost all boxes for daily Printer usage. It produces high-quality images for a low price, making it a good choice for small businesses that print many photos. It has a 20-sheet automated document feeder (ADF) for scanning multipage documents. The ET-8500 offers two additional inks: Photo Black and Gray, in addition to the standard cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks. It broadens the color spectrum, improves color accuracy and detail, and creates flawless grayscale photos in this Epson sublimation printer for t-shirts.

You can control most ET-8500 operations from a computer or mobile device. The control panel, a 4.3-inch touch screen, is simple for walk-up chores like producing copies. You can create workflow profiles that provide shortcuts for typical tasks using either interface. Voice controls are also supported via Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Epson Connect, and Google Assistant. USB, Ethernet, WiFi, and WiFi Direct are among the connectivity options available on the ET-8500. This Epson is genuinely a cheap sublimation printer for the t-shirts business. It fills the box with enough ink to last you a year (6,000 monochromes and 5,000 color pages). Epson makes a similar claim, claiming that the ET-8500 comes with two years’ worth of ink in the package.


  • Operating costs are incredibly minimal
  • Excellent connectivity choices are available
  • With registration, you get a two-year warranty
  • It provides excellent print quality, particularly for photographs.


  • The initial purchasing price was relatively high
  • It doesn’t have an automatic document feeder

3. Canon Pixma G3200 MegaTank for small businesses

Canon G3200 MegaTank for small businesses

This Printer is made with care, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it feels like artwork. The Canon Pixma G3200 Wireless MegaTank is a low-volume printer designed for small businesses. This Wireless MegaTank Printer produces excellent printouts, mainly graphics and photographs on t-shirts, and has minimal operating expenses. However, the scanner would be more valuable if it had an automatic document feeding (ADF). Ink bottles fill reservoirs that carry enough ink to print thousands of designs instead of ink cartridges in G-series printers. On G-series printers, the tanks are integrated into the front of a brand-new chassis design.

The only paper source for this G3200 is a tray that extends upward from the back of the machine and stores 100 sheets, while the output tray pulls out from the front. The footprint is slightly larger with both trays extended, but not enough to notice on most PCs. Because the G3200 lacks an automatic document feeder, you’ll have to scan multipage documents one at a time. Ink reservoirs can be filled from bottles; however, G-series printers also require the installation of two print heads. One print head handles the black ink, while the other three colors are governed by the other. Here are some pros and cons of this G-series printer.


  • It’s small and light
  • Up to 7,000 pages of ink are included
  • Instagram’s 5-by-5-inch photo size is supported
  • Compared to typical inkjets, the cost of ink is 50 times lower
  • It gives excellent print quality, especially in terms of graphics and photographs


  • It doesn’t have fax capability
  • Mobile connectivity options are limited
  • Flash memory devices aren’t supported
  • There is no document feeder on the machine

4. Epson Stylus C88+ An Ultra picture throwback

Epson Stylus C88+An Ultra picture throwback printer

You do not need to burn a hole in your pocket to get yourself on Epson’s product line. The Epson Stylus C88+ is a throwback printer that will complete your most pressing print jobs when you need them. It can print at an astounding 18.5ppm, and the 5760x1440dpi resolution ensures that your photographs and text documents are not only fast but also accurate. This Epson sublimation printer for t-shirts prints monochrome pages at 23ppm and color pages at 14ppm. Due to its use of DURABrite Ultra picture ink, this Printer also delivers smudge-resistance when photo printing on t-shirts. It operates with Windows and Mac computers and has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

It’s generally suitable for quick dark printing, and the nature of the shading images it produces means it doesn’t have to envy anything to more expensive printers. It will not make images of comparable quality to a specific photograph printer. If that is your primary requirement, you should look for another option.


  • Printing Speeds are Extremely Fast
  • Paper Tray with 120 Sheets
  • Smudge-Resistant


  • There are no advanced features available
  • Running costs are likely to be high

5. Epson Artisan 1430 Ultra-high-definition prints

Epson Artisan 1430 Ultra-high-definition prints

This product proudly demonstrates that just because a machine is inexpensive; doesn’t imply it can’t be a reliable Printer. Initially, The Epson 1430 was not designed for sublimation printing, Then Sublimation inks and conversion kits were developed to enable the Printer to sublimate. Because it wasn’t intended for that use, it may be an unexpected suggestion as a sublime printer.

The Artisan 1430 produces borderless, bright, ultra-high-definition prints up to 13′′ x 19′′ in size. T-shirts and hoodies can be printed with this design. Printing speed varies based on the design’s size and color saturation, although smaller drawings can print in as little as 46 seconds. Even the most prominent print option can produce borderless, dazzling designs in as little as three minutes.

You can trust the Epson Artisan 1430 sublimation printer for t-shirts to get the job done when it comes to sublimation printing. The Epson Artisan 1430 installation is straightforward and requires only a few steps. A typical set of printer ink cartridges is included with your Printer. However, if you plan to use your Epson Artisan 1430 for suimation printing, you should not install the provided cartridges. Install a suitable sublimation cartridge set instead. Sublimation conversion kits are another name for these. InkOwl and Cobra Ink are trustworthy suppliers.


  • There are still a variety of connectivity options available
  • The photoduplication of the Printer is excellent
  • For a Wide-Format Printer, it’s minor


  • Printing is slow

Buying Guide: affordable Sublimation Printers for T-shirts

There are many different sublimation printers on the market, and each one aims to cater to a specific audience. A superb sublimation printer will produce high-quality sublimation prints for shirts at a reasonable speed. However, the Printer’s pricing and recurring costs are equally essential.

Things you need to consider at the of buying best sublimation printers for t shirt

Keep these below-given bullets in mind, and you’ll have no trouble finding the appropriate dye-sub printer for t-shirts.

1. Sublimation Ink Cartridge—Longevity:

Before purchasing it, you should look into the ink cartridges that any printer uses. The principle is the same, even though shirt sublimation printers use special sublimation ink. Ensure you know how much the cartridges cost and how long they last before purchasing them. It will give you a vague idea of how much it will cost to make your products.

2. Print Resolution:

Another feature that should not be disregarded when purchasing a T-shirt sublimation printer is the resolution. Regardless of the intended purpose, it is critical to get a high-resolution printer because the prints’ quality will differ based on this factor. The design for sublimation should appear in the best pixels. PPP (pixels per inch) is the unit of measurement for resolution. It refers to the number of pixels in each print inch; therefore, the higher the no. of pixels, the better the T-shirt sublimation print quality.

Regardless of the prints, a minimum of 700 by 700 PPP is advised in the Best sublimation printers for t-shirts.

3. Connectivity:

Nowadays, You have several more choices when it comes to Connectivity. However, not every dye-sub printer will support all available networking choices. Wireless printing is available on the majority of current sublimation printers. As a result, any of your devices can connect to any device over a network.

However, it’s even better if your Printer supports WiFi Direct. That implies you can connect even if there isn’t a router in the vicinity. It facilitates printing by making it simple, quick, and painless.

4. Print Media Size:

Large designs are not always possible to print on all printers. The one you choose must be large enough to satisfy your needs. Printing modest logos on t-shirts does not necessitate enormous media sizes. On the other hand, more extraordinary designs require a printer for sublimating shirts with a more prominent media size. Everything boils down to your requirements.

5. Print Volume:

The print volume is essential to consider when selecting an appropriate one. If you’re doing commercial work, you’ll need heavy-duty t-shirt sublimation equipment or a printer that can print in large quantities. Keep in mind that each Printer has a different printing volume. Many printers for sublimation shirts can print hundreds of prints every run, while others can only print a few hundred. In this case, you must examine your business-level before making a purchase.

6. Compatibility of Materials:

Another factor to consider is which materials you can print with a given printer. The compatibility of each Printer may vary. As a result, you’ll want to double-check that it’s what you find. You don’t want to look out after you’ve purchased the Printer that it’s incompatible with your products!


Final Remarks:

Sublimation printers can print designs on T-shirts, other fabrics, and even harder surfaces. Suppose you have a plan for sublimation in mind that you want to place on a T-shirt or any other character that permits graphics to be heat transferred. In that case, you should be aware of the different types of sublimation printers available. We hope that our in-depth reviews and comprehensive buying advice will assist you in making the best decision possible to buy sublimation printer for t-shirts.

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