Sublimation Ink Vs Pigment Ink- Which One To Choose

difference between sublimation ink and pigment ink

Introduction The primary difference between sublimation ink Vs pigment ink is the way each material is used. When you are thinking about sublimation printing and how it works, it can be helpful to know how it compares to regular printing processes. There are two great ways to do sublimation: 1. Use dye ink for sublimation …

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Can You Sublimate On Glass – Ultimate Guide

can you sublimate on glass material

If you want to decorate glass or glass products, several different processes are available. Among them, glass sublimation is a decorative process that can be available for glass decoration and vessels. Glass sublimation printing has become very popular in recent years. Glass craftsmen, glass painters and glass lovers prefer this process over other methods because …

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Can We Use Sublimation Ink In A Normal Printer?

can we use sublimation ink in normal printer

When it comes to using sublimation inks, using sublimation ink in a regular printer has been done successfully, either to create samples or to produce smaller prints. Some printers will have problems with certain types of ink due to the chemical composition being slightly different from what is used in standard dye-based inks.  One thing …

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10 Best Design Software for Sublimation Printing

Best design software for sublimation printing

Creative designing is best done with the best software for Dye-sublimation printing. And there are many software’s available in the market which can be used to create the best designs for sublimation printing. Absolutely, you need a design or, more precisely, your favorite design or image for sublimation. Sublimation printing is not possible without a …

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