How to make Sublimation Tumblers with Easy Steps?

With the help of sublimation you can give astonishing look to your tumblers

Tumblers have become an ongoing trend and the most popular pretty drinkware. What’s more interesting is you can make them even more impressive and enticing by sublimation on tumblers. As the sublimation on Coffee Mugs, Cushions, T-shirts, and Mousepads has touched the height, sublimating on tumblers is a growing business attracting customers’ attention and pennies. If you plan to introduce customized sublimation tumblers in your shop, this will get you huge booming sales. There are plenty of Sublimation tumbler ideas that you can create and showcase in your shop, whether physical or virtual.

Let’s discuss first,

What is a Sublimation Tumbler?

What kind of substance should you use to sublimation tumblers? Stick to it to know the answer.

Can you sublimate on Stainless steel tumblers? The answer is YES! Stainless steel tumblers work best with sublimation; these are impeccable for giving as gifts or displaying at a DIY craft show.

A sublimation tumbler blank is a stainless steel or another material that has been “coated with a polyester” that binds with the sublimation ink during sublimation. Sublimation printing embeds “solid” Ink into a polyester substrate by heating it to a gas state.

So, let’s lose no time and begin the simple sublimation process on tumblers.

Substances Required to Sublimate on Tumblers:

Tumbler sublimation is not a complicated procedure, and with the right equipment and following sublimation tumbler care instructions, you can quickly create unique prints on tumblers. You have to buy these below-given products to start your sublimation Tumblers business.

1. Sublimation Printer:

To begin sublimating on tumblers, you’ll need a design and a high-quality sublimation printer capable of printing that design at the highest possible resolution. While Printing, The sublimation printer not only provides your design with a tangible presence but should also preserve your feelings and thoughts. It should reflect your mood, feelings, and attitude while creating your favourite design for your tumbler. The same approach applies when you’re sublimating someone’s design for a personalized sublimation tumbler order at your shop.

Protip: Try to get a printer specially designed for sublimation. Remember, you don’t just want a design printed; you want a design that exhibits your mood.

2. Sublimation papers and Ink:

Your sublimation inks and transfer papers should be compatible with your printer to print your design. Try to get the sublimation inks, papers and printer manufactured by the same company.

Expert’s choices:

  • If you have no Cutting machine, get Infusible Ink Pens
  • If you have an electronic cutting machine, try fetching Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets
  • Or you may have Sublimation ink for Printers; make sure to choose the bottle size that fits your printer.

3. Convection Oven Or Tumbler Heat press:

When sublimating on tumblers, you’ll need either a convection oven or a tumbler heat press. These are the most recommended heat transfer equipment for the proper transfer of the print onto the tumbler. Get a good tumbler heat press machine that can readily sublimate on tumblers.


  • Tumbler Heat press
  • Convection Oven

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4. Tumbler Blanks | Where to buy sublimation tumbler blanks?

stainless steel tumbler bank  for sublimation
Photo Taken by Fedcophotography

Tumbler blanks are specially crafted for sublimation as they have a polyester coating. Always purchase these materials from reputable sources and ensure that they are high quality, as these tumbler blanks will be heated to sublimate the print.

You can buy Sublimation Tumblers from

  1. Amazon
  2. Heat Press nation
  3. Etsy

5. Other Material Required:

  • Heat Tape
  • Sublimation shrink Wraps
  • Heat Resistant Gloves
  • Heat Gun

Sublimation on tumblers with a Tumbler Heat Press or a Convection oven:

Complete Guide to Sublimate tumblers with easy steps

1. Prepare your Design:

You have 3 choices to have your design;

  • Get a pre-printed sublimation design, or print one for yourself. You can use Canva to print and create desired design. This software is totally free. First create custom size then Print the design in the appropriate tumbler size. Tumblers in the dimensions of 20. oz and 16. oz tumblers are the most popular. Suppose you’re using a 20. oz tumbler, you’ll need to change the print size on the paper to fit the tumbler properly without overlapping, which can result in creases or white borders.
  • Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets will require cutting out using a cutting machine like a Cricut or Silhouette. Infusible Ink is a pre-printed sublimation sheet that is practical and simple. You can trim it like vinyl, but you don’t need a transfer paper-cutting machine to create authentic graphics. If you want a sublimate tumbler with infusible ink then read this Article.
  • Infusible Ink Pens and Markers– can be used in your Cricut machine’s pen holder or by hand.

2. Tape it on the blank:

Clean the tumbler and Stick your design on the sublimation tumbler blank with heat-resistant tape. Wrap your design around the tumbler as tight as possible and make sure it covers the whole tumbler. Put as much pressure as you can and tape the ends with that constant pressure. Assure there’s no space or creases between the tumbler and the design.

Protip: tape the ends in a longitudinal manner for additional pressure, then tape the ends parallel. Also, tape the upper and lower end of the tumbler, making a circle. This taping will make the sublimation process smooth and easy.

tape tumbler with longitudinal manner
cover tumbler with shrink wrap and tape use heat gun to tight shrink wrap

Use a sublimation shrink wrap for increased pressure. Wrap the sublimation shrink wrap over the print paper on the tumbler and use a heat gun to shrink the wrap to it. This will secure your design against the tumbler and apply the necessary pressure.

3. Heat the Tumbler with Two Proven Methods:

Firstly, set your Tumbler heat press or convection oven.

3.1. Convection Oven:

In a Convection oven, Set the temperature to 400 degrees. You must be wondering how long it takes to sublimate a tumbler in a convection oven. Since a convection toaster oven heats the tumbler quicker, you should set the timer to about 6 minutes. You may change the direction of the tumbler after a few minutes, depending on what type of oven you have. (A double-door or a single-door)

3.2. Tumbler Heat Press:

Cover the tumbler with shrink wrap and fit it in the Tumbler heat press. Turn ON the tumbler heat press. Set the temperature to 400 degrees for 15 minutes and wait until the magical process finishes.

Although this is a simple process, you can follow this tutorial if you need help understanding it.

ashtonishing look of sublimate tumblers

4. Cool Down:

After the time is up, take out the tumbler from your oven or tumbler heat press. Make sure to wear heat-resistant gloves and bring the tumbler out with care. Give your tumbler enough time to cool down. Now you will have the permanently designed sublimation tumbler.

Final Remarks:

People adore having things that are uniquely tailored to them. Tumblers with sublimation printing are not only a beautiful personal accessory, but they also make excellent gifts. This expert’s Tested guide on how to sublimate on tumblers will help you transform a blank tumbler into a stunning project or gift that everyone will like. You can even come up with your designs. You can also start a tumbler sublimation business because they are a popular item among the wider populace.

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