How to remove the screen printing from a shirt?

best way to remove screen printing or logo from t shirts

People always say, “Take it easy on the printing.”  They know that the only way to keep a shirt from getting wrinkled is to change it often. But, when it comes to how to remove the screen printing from a T-shirt? Anytime you print something on fabric, you run the risk of split stitches and bleeding ink.

So, how can you avoid this? When printing something on fabric, remember that everyone feels a little bit of discomfort at some time or another.

Even if you aren’t the one who gets stitched up when a product is printed on a shirt, your brand will be affected by these problems every time someone buys your product or touches it in any way. Other factors determine how much discomfort people feel while wearing a shirt; such as right-hand preference (left hand prefers left-handed shirts) and different types of fabrics (rayon vs cotton).

How to remove the screen printing from a T-shirt?

Which one is an easy and exquisite way to remove the screen printing from a T-shirt? So, the answer along with a breeze method lays ahead for you.

The most effective way to remove screen printing is to drench a ball made of cotton in a nail polish eraser/ remover and abrase it unless the design is completely removed.

Aside from this, other methods can be implied, and those are using iron along with a paper bag for melting the design.

Usage of sugar scrub can also be taken into account, and it can also be effective in taking away the unwanted design from a T-shirt. Bear in mind that some fabrics require proper care, so while removing the design special care is mandatory.

Removing Screen prints from Nylon

Prints From Nylon is a little weird, but I’ve heard it works. Use carefully when you soak the fiber or get the print off. Nylon is another material.

Damage can happen if you use a lot of chemicals or use heat. You can spray WD40 on the clothes, let it get in contact with the print, and start to peel off and wash the clothes normally.

On the bright side, you have a method that could start the process and make it easier for you to get rid of the design.

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Chemicals and heat can also cause damage, but you don’t have to worry about that with a pool. When you spray WD40 on a piece of clothing, it won’t be pleasant. This choice all comes down to how much you want to get rid of that print.

The best way to clean screen printing at home

Whatever technique you employ, there is a good likelihood that some screenprint ink will remain on your cloth after being washed.

If any minute particles of screen print ink remain on to the fabric, a sugar scrub is generally the most efficient method of removing it from the cloth. The slight grain of sugar will function as a gentle abrasive force, allowing the screen print ink to be stripped away from the fabric without causing any additional damage to it.

Plastisol Remover Method

It is essential to wear gloves and face masks when using this method. Also, make sure you work in an area with a lot of air. Learn how to remove a screen print from a surface with plastisol ink remover by following the steps below.

It can be used with this method too. Rubbing alcohol can also be used in this way.

First, put the remover on the shirt where there is a print. For 30 minutes, let it be. Then, wash the shirt with cold water and dry it. Make a soft cloth with the remover, and then dab the print on again.

Second step: Gently move the print with light strokes with a soft brush to eliminate the pattern.

Third step: Make sure to wipe the plastisol cleaner away from your skin with a soft cloth before washing it with cold water.

Do not use a harsh detergent or follow the directions on the bottle.

Step 4: You can air dry the clothes or put them in a dryer. Screen-print would be mostly gone then. You can then use your fingernails to peel off the rest.

Other effective ways to remove logos from clothing

Those who enjoy having your logo printed on your apparel should be aware that the printing process is not simple. You need to be considerate while doing it. There are some methods out there that will get rid of the print on your clothes in no time.

These are some of the ways which you can use to get rid of the print from the shirt:

effective way to remove logo from clothing infographic

Fabric adhesives

The fabric adhesives have strong adhesive power and can stick onto any surface easily. You can use a damp cloth for cleaning, let it dry up, apply a layer of fabric adhesive, and press it on your shirt. Then you have to shift it off from under your arms.


The press is also an effective method for removing the print from your shirts. It will make a nice imprint on your shirt and remove the printing easily.

Dry brushing

The dry-brush method is yet another method you can use for removing prints from your shirts. There are two methods: wet-dry or dry brushing, where you need to brush or brush against the fabric with dry paper or towel after washing it before putting them on again; this will remove all kinds of ink marks leaving only clean shirts behind while they are still fresh and clean smelling.

Machine wash

If this is not possible, then machine wash with cold water should be used along with soap and detergent before wearing them again; this will help in removing any stains at once as well as permanently removing all types of ink marks left behind by the previous printing process leaving only clean shirts behind for future wear afterward.


What Is The Best Way To Remove Iron-On Letter Transfers?

The first step is to heat the letters using a hairdryer to stick together. Blowing near the letters with the dryer set to its maximum heat setting will ensure that all letters get the same amount of attention. After a short period, the glue should become more pliable, making it easier to remove the letters.

What is the best method for removing dried paint from off fabric?

It’s possible that rubbing alcohol will do the trick. You’ll want to squeeze a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and use it to massage the spots repeatedly until the paint is removed. Remove stains using nail polish remover by following the same technique described above, soaking a cotton ball in the remover and rubbing it into the areas.

What Should I Do If The Screen Printing Ink Is Still Stubbornly Stuck To The Screen?

If you’ve tried all of the screen printing removal procedures we’ve discussed here and the ink hasn’t come off the fabric, you may want to try bringing the item to professional dry cleaning.

Final Thought

The removal of screen printing from T-shirts turns out to be not as challenging as previously thought. Ensure that you follow the directions precisely as they are written and keep in mind the efficiency and safety recommendations and warnings provided along the route.

You should now be aware that screen prints may be removed off t-shirts. To take care of the print removal on your own, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with these simple techniques.

Perseverance will pay off, and you will realize that this is not a tough assignment. All that remains is to ensure that you adhere to the procedures strictly. Remember to consider the additional suggestions and the safety precautions to reap the possible advantages.

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