Sublimation Color Changing Mug Of Your Dreams

many want to desire print their favorite design on mugs here we will describe how to sublimate color changing magic mugs

What if your magic cup was imprinted with your favorite image? Don’t be concerned if it’s only an unfulfilled wish. We are here to fulfill this longing desire of yours. Yes, you got that right. It is possible sublimation color changing mugs. Now you must be pondering how to sublimate a color changing mug? Continue reading to discover a Professional’s method for sublimating a color-changing mug, also known as a magic mug. This innovation expands the possibilities for sublimation mugs, a fun alternative to traditional coffee mugs for gifts and special occasions.

What Are Color Changing Mugs for Sublimation?

Color changing mugs are unique mugs that change color when hot liquid is poured into them. They have a specialized heat-sensitive color-changing ink that changes its tone. When you pour hot coffee or water into the cup, the image will gradually appear, and the color of the mug will change. These mugs change color from black or blue to white, showcasing your transfer as clearly as any other sublimation mug. The mug’s interior is white, and the color of the surface is black before it changes. The concealed pictures on the surface of the cup will appear when it changes color. Except for the handle, the entire cup will be colored.

How Does Color Changing Mechanism work?

The process of thermochromism states that when the temperature is applied to a product, it changes its color. Manufacturing color-changing items, such as magic mugs, mood rings, and some other unique things, follows the process of thermochromism.

The process is carried out using thermochromism organic and inorganic materials and undergoes a reversible reaction when temperature changes.

The reversible reaction occurs when the temperature rises and the molecules absorb energy to vibrate and move. This vibration and movement of molecules cause the product to reflect light in a different manner which produces a color change. Similarly, as the temperature drops, the color reverses to its standard color.

How to Sublimate a Color Changing Mug?

Supplies Required:

You will require minimal stuff to sublimate a color changing mug, affordable sublimation printers, heat-resistant or thermal tape, sublimation transfer paper, a heat-press machine, thermal gloves and

blank color changing mugs. There are various types of color changing mugs.

Sublimating Color Changing Mug with Mug Press

complete process sublimation on color changing mug
  • Preheat: : Place another mug in the Mug press and set your mug press to 190 seconds at 385 degrees Fahrenheit with medium pressure, much like other sublimation mugs. It will safeguard the mug press if you put a mug in it while preheating.
  • Bonus Tip: We have good news if you are transferring on Neenah JetCol DHS sublimation paper. You can shorten the time in half by setting the press to 95 seconds.
  • After setting the heat press, Print your image in a Sublimation printer with the dimensions according to your magic mug. Experts recommend using the best sublimation printer solely designed for sublimation printing.
  • Trim the edges of your printed transfer to make it compatible with your mug’s size.
  • Wrap the printed transfer around the color changing dye-sublimation mug and tape it in place.
  • Place the mug carefully within the mug press, and push. When the timer beeps, carefully open the mug press and remove the mug. Allow the mug to cool before removing the transfer.
  • You will see the effect of vivid sublimation printing on the color changing sublimation mug. The transfer will make its way onto the exposing layer, and your transfer will always display with the rest of the mug when you pour hot coffee into it.
  • The printed image will vanish when the cup turns cold. Simply pour in hot liquid to exhibit the imprinted images.

Tips and Tricks to Sublimate a Color Changing Mug:

  • The black mug has a 95% coverage and the most pleasing impact. And, for red and blue mugs, Experts recommend a light color to ensure coverage.
  • Scraping or cleaning the cup body with harsh items may cause the image to slip off.
  • However, please remember that these mugs can only be hand cleaned and have not been microwave tested.
  • Place a mug in the heat press while preheating.
  • Allow the mug to cool down before peeling the transfer after pressing.
  • If you are short on time, use Neenah Jetcol DHS paper to sublimate a color changing mug.

How Do You Sublimate a Metal Mug?

Sublimating a meta mug follows the same procedure as sublimating a magic mug. The Only Difference is regarding mug press instructions. Preheat the heat press to 400°F (205°C). After the preheating, carefully place the meta mug in the Mug press and apply firm pressure for 60 seconds. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guide and use manuals to avoid any problems.

Advantages of Sublimating Magic Mugs

Sublimation Magic mugs offer several advantages, including:

  • Customization: You can customize magic mugs using your favorite image, design, and graphics, Or you can Download them from here. Companies use this feature to print their logos on products and use it for several promotional campaigns. This feature allows you to sublimate the mugs or other products using your creativity.
  • Durability: Sublimation printing is trusted by thousands of experts as it offers durable designs, and your customization will never peel off from the product. This feature makes them long-lasting.
  • Versatility: You can use sublimation magic mugs for various purposes, from making them your desk partner in your home or office to use them for promotional and marketing campaigns of multinational companies.
  • Attractive appearance: Who doesn’t like customized products? Sublimation magic mugs are designed to look appealing and attractive when the mug changes color, and you see your beautiful picture or favorite design on it.

Draw Backs

Some of the disadvantages of Magic or color changing Sublimation Mugs include the following:

  • Limited color range: Since the mug’s color changes only to a limited range when heated, the colors used in the design may not appear as vibrant as they would on a regular sublimation mug.
  • Not dishwasher safe: Magic sublimation mugs are not dishwasher safe, and washing them in a dishwasher can damage the design or cause the color to fade.
  • Limited heat tolerance: Magic sublimation mugs can withstand only a limited amount of heat and are not recommended for use in a microwave.
  • Higher cost: Creating magic sublimation mugs requires specialized equipment and materials, making them more expensive than regular sublimation mugs.
  • Limited availability: Magic sublimation mugs may only be readily available at some sublimation suppliers, making them harder to find and purchase.

Common Issues with Color Changing Mugs:

Like any other sublimation product, sublimation magic mugs may have some issues that can affect the final result of the sublimation process.

An uneven color or image transfer is one common issue with colour-changing sublimation mugs. This can occur when the heat press needs to be properly calibrated or when the pressure is not evenly distributed during the sublimation process. As a result, some areas of the mug may appear lighter or darker than others, which can be unsightly and affect the overall quality of the product.

Issues with sublimation magic mugs can include the full design not being visible or hidden, as well as signs of heat tape remaining on the mug, as Carl experienced. These issues may be due to temperature settings or coating issues.

If the full design is not visible or hidden, it could be due to a temperature that is too low, uneven pressure during pressing, or an incorrect time duration. In this case, adjusting the temperature, pressure, and time settings and performing a test print may help to resolve the issue.

Similarly, signs of heat tape remaining on the mug could also be due to incorrect temperature settings or insufficient pressure during pressing. To avoid this, use high-quality heat tape and ensure that it is not placed over the design area. Additionally, always ensure the mug is clean and free from debris before pressing.


Wrap Up

Color-changing mugs have grown fairly popular in recent years. This gift item stands out as a fantastic choice on many levels, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, valentine or any other event. People enjoy imprinting memorable photos on these mugs in order to be reminded of them every time they pour hot coffee and take a sip. It could be an incredible method to save memories in ways you never imagined. You can make your own color-changing mug with your chosen pattern imprinted on it by following the above-mentioned step-by-step instructions on how to sublimate a color-changing mug.

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