Sublimation Mouse Pads Blank with Desire Design

Learn How to do sublimation on mouse pads blanks with your desire design

Is your work desk always dull, boring and dreary? We suggest adding some bling to your work desk if you are a workaholic because a work desk is always tiring. You can personalize your computer accessories with a wide range of Sublimation printing ideas, including Sublimation on mouse pads. Sublimation can be used to design mousepads that match any personality or mood. These sublimated mousepads are perfect for workaholic friends or students looking to glam up their study desks.

As a bonus, provide your staff with a mousepad with your official logo to add a customized touch to your office. Let’s apply the Sublimation on Mousepads technique to turn your standard mousepad into something more beautiful.

Material required:

Ready to roll? Head on to Sublimation on mousepads after collection of necessary products.

Sublimation on Mouse Pads Complete Guide

1. Design your Image and Print It:

Take care of the dimensions of your mousepad and print the image accordingly. If you don’t have a template, make your dimensions larger than the actual measurements. Now, create your image inside those parameters. Print out your design in the same way for other sublimation projects. Our Experts recommend using Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 for printing. Before printing, make sure the image is mirrored.

2. Use Adhesive Spray to Stick Your Sublimation Transfer on the Mousepad Blanks:

Don’t get too close when spraying. As you spray, swipe across your image. Place your mousepad blank on the image and align it. Reposition the image as you want it, and then press.

Let’s press it!

Place the parchment paper in the heat press and sandwich your mousepad between two sheets of parchment paper in the heat press. It’s to keep the ink out of your heat press.

I suggest you use a Swing Away Heat press If you have a thicker mousepad. Like HPN Signature Series 15″ x 15″ Swing Away Heat Press. Because the heat press has a swing-away design, it may float directly above your mousepad. This is ideal for heat transfers and screen printing and direct to garment curing. You may modify the distance of the upper platen with the adjustable pressure knob, so you can choose how far away the heat press hovers.

Once your heat press has reached the desired temperature, Place the mouse pad and transfer it on the lower platen of your heat press with the mousepad down. As a result, your paper should be at the top. Heat the mouse pad to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and apply light pressure for 40 seconds.

Wait a few moments when it’s finished, then peel away the transfer to show your excellent personalized mouse pad! Make sure to wear heat-resistant gloves before taking it out.

Video Guide

What is a Mouse Pad Made of?

Mouse pads can be made of a variety of materials, from soft rubber and foam to plastic and fabric, it can be of any variety and material. Rubber mouse pads provide more flexibility and a good grip. Foam pads are preferred for longer, while fabric mouse pads offer a smooth dimension to move the mouse. On the other hand, plastic mouse pads are rigid and used for gaming, and leather mouse pads are expensive but stylish and durable.

Sublimation Vs. Normal Mouse Pads

Due to the polyester layer sublimation mouse pads differ from regular mouse pads, making them compatible with the sublimation printing process. Another Feature is a smooth and flat surface that helps to absorb ink material into the polyester layer easily and create long-lasting designs.

Here is a comparison table:

Product Features Drawback

Sublimation Mouse Pad
1. High-Quality Color Long
lasting color prints.

2. Cost Effective and perfect for Custom Designs.
1. It must have a polyester coating layer.
2. Only work with Sublimation printing.

Rubber Mouse Pad
1.Durable and resistant to scratch
and heave damage and perfect for gaming use because of its non-slippery nature.

2. Also customizable with other techniques like screen printing
and embossing.
3. Cost-effective rather than Sublimation mouse pads.
1. offer limited Color and quality prints and may crack over time.

2. Sensitive to water and collect dirt and dust over time.

Gel Mouse Pad
1. Ergonomic Architecture helps to support the wrist and hand. Perfect for long-duration use.

2. Help to Control temperature due to its cooling technology.

3. The non-skid base feature prevents it from slipping and
keeps the firm in its place.
1. Expensive due to the use of cooling technology.

2. Limited print range and not vibrantcolor quality compared
to sublimation mouse pads.

3. More chances of damage because of sharp objects or heavy usage.

Hard Plastic Mouse Pad
1. Durable, long-lasting, and less fear of damage or tear. Perfect for long-run use.

2. Easy to clean
1. Hard plastic nature makes it slippery and prone to scratching.

2 No customization optionavailable.

Sublimation Gaming Mouse Pad

A mousepad is made up of soft microfiber material that allows smooth operation and movement over the pad. This feature of mouse pads allows the gamer to move the mouse smoothly and avoid stuttering. The mousepad can be sublimated with high-quality prints or your favorite designs to give your work desk a charging and aesthetically pleasing vibe. Using a customized mousepad can decrease your tiredness after working for hours and motivate you to work.

Corporate Mouse Pad

Corporate mouse pads are used in companies, offices, and marketing campaigns. Companies and businesses sublimate the mouse pads with their logos, distribute them among their teams, and give them as freebies in their marketing campaigns. Like sublimation mugs, mouse pads are always cheap and cost-effective for companies’ promotional and marketing campaigns.

Can You Sublimate on a Neoprene Mouse Pad?

Neoprene is a type of rubber, and mouse pads are manufactured using neoprene. The sublimation process can be done on neoprene, but you’ll need to use a specific sublimation transfer paper and ink. Also, considerations for the temperature and pressure will be different. But overall, you can always sublimate a neoprene mouse pad and customize it according to your needs.

Best Places to Buy Mouse Pad in Wholesale

You can buy mouse pads in both physical stores and online wholesale marketplaces. For online, you can visit the stores on Alibaba, Amazon Wholesale, DH gate, and other wholesale directories. You can find good quality and cheap mouse pads from these sites. On the other hand, if you want to buy by visiting the local stores in your area, you can inquire about the pricing, observe the material and then buy it cheaply. You should get one sample mousepad first and use it for a few days to get the best quality mousepad.


Follow the steps outlined above for Sublimation on mousepads to transform your mousepad just like fantasy and give yourself the jaw-dropping moment you’ve always desired. You’ll need a few equipment items to complete the process, including a mousepad blank and a sublimation printer. Alternatively, you may spend your few minutes getting a personalized sublimation mousepad that will last a lifetime.


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