Sublimation on Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Sublimation on stainless steel or Aluminum water bottles with proper steps

Suppose you’re a crazy fan of water bottles who love them not just for drinking water but also for flaunting dazzling colors and designs. What if you wanted to use your water bottle designs to express your emotions? Yup! Using the following sublimation on water bottle technique, you can accomplish this. Water bottle sublimation is one of the most straightforward sublimation procedures I’ve ever seen. You’ll be surprised to learn that you can execute it in a convection oven. Yeah! I am not exaggerating. And these look absolutely gorgeous!

If you have an ongoing sale on water bottles in your nearest store or online, Just go and buy them all. Don’t walk but run to your nearest store because you’re going to create a new collection of sublimation water bottles for yourself after reading this Expert’s experimented guide.

Tips: Make sure to sublimate water bottles with stainless steel or aluminum material.


1. Sublimation on Aluminum Water Bottles Using Convection Oven

Material required:

  • Water Bottle-Blanks
  • Printed Image with Sublimation Printers or Download
  • Krylon easy tack– Adhesive spray
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Heat Gun
  • Convection Oven
  • Heat Resistant Gloves
  • External Thermometer (Optional)

Steps Need To Follow

Complete steps to Sublimate on stainless steel water bottles with the help of convection oven

1. Clean Bottle With water or Alcohol

Wipe off any grease, If present. Don’t touch the Sublimation site.

2. Get Your Design:

Print or download your design from the internet. Before printing, ascertain mirror the image and then printing it. You can print the image using a sublimation printer.

3. Remove any plastic or rubber parts of your bottle.

Caution! They will melt and destroy your oven if you do not remove them.

4. Adhere the image:

Spray a little bit of Krylon adhesive spray on the image. Make sure to spray it from a foot’s distance, and don’t forget to wear a mask. Then stick it to the sublimation site of the water bottle.

(Make sure there are no wrinkles and the covering is nice and smooth).

5. Insert the Bottle in the Shrink Wrap:

Shrinkwrap will keep the image in place, and it is advantageous for providing proper pressure to get the best sublimation results. Use Heat Resistant tape to fix design at right palce before covering with the shrink wrap.

6. Turn on the Heat Gun and Apply Heat all over the Bottle.

The shrink wrap will adhere to the bottle and get sucked into the water bottle. Ascertain that it is smooth.

7. Lets heat

Place the bottle in the oven with the image side facing up because we want the heat to go over the sublimation area, and it gets the most heat.

Oven Settings:

  • Temperature: 400 degrees
  • Time: 7-minutes

It is advised to test first to get the best temperature and duration settings.  

  • After the time is up, Use heat-resistant gloves to take out the bottle.
  • Let it cool.

8. Remove the Shrink Wrap:

Cut it with scissors. (Caution! Do not scratch your bottle with the scissor).

And boom! You have gotten your favorite design in just a matter of 7 minutes.

Pro Tips:

  • Only use your oven for sublimation; it is not recommended to use your convection oven for both sublimation and food.
  • Use a third-party thermometer to get the actual temperature because the digital measurement on the convection oven isn’t always accurate.

2. Sublimation with Mug press

You can heat transfer on stainless steel or aluminum water bottles with Mug press.

Resources Required:

  • Water Bottle
  • Pre-Printed Image
  • Mug Press
  • Ruler
  • Scissor

Ins and Outs

  1. Using a paper towel, clean your bottle with water or alcohol.
  2. Place the sublimation printout on the bottle and precisely align it.
  3. Toss the image around. (Flip the image)
  4. Hold the printout with the image facing inside using the heat tape.
  5. Place the water bottle in a heat press set to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. Press the top side first, followed by the bottom side.
  7. Turn the bottle over and recompress both sides.
  8. For sublimation on aluminum bottles, press for about 3 minutes with mild pressure, and
  9. For heat transfer on stainless steel bottles, press for about 3 minutes with medium pressure.
  10. The stainless steel and aluminum sublimation temperature are the same, i.e., 400 degrees—sublimation heat press temperature.
  11. Reduce pressing time by 15-30 seconds if the image becomes hazy or scorched brown due to over-pressing.
  12. Remove the water bottle from the press as soon as possible, as well as the transfer paper.
  13. Set it to cool in front of a fan to prevent the image from bleeding.



To get your favorite design on water bottle, basic knowledge of sublimation is required. You should get started next to the sublimate water bottle if you have the suitable material. The result of sublimation printing on water bottles is stunning. The ink and metal bonds are very robust and scratch-resistant. As a result, it’s a long-lasting print that you can rely on. These water bottles have a vivid finish and are an excellent for your beach tour, university, or even a perfect addition for your travel times!

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