Sublimation on Two Sided Aluminum Dog Tags

sublimate dog tags is one of most interesting hobby for many people. they love to sublimate their dog tags with favorite design and names.

If you are a military folk, a competitive athlete, a high-school teen, or a pet lover, your passion for dog tags must be the driving force behind your visit. Who wouldn’t want to accessorize with his favorite items And equally want vibrant accessories for his pet? Those items such as a dog bone tag that reflect its individuality or symbolize its identity are even more critical. You’ve come to the ideal place if you want to create Sublimation dog tags for yourself with your favorite word or design imprinted on them or for your Dog with his information so that you can never lose it. Experts have tried a variety of dog tag sublimation procedures, and we’ll go over the best ones here.

After sublimation tutorials on mousepads, tumblers, ceramic mugs, t-shirts, etc., we are using another technique to sublimate trendy dog tags. You can customize the metal dog tags with initials, images, quotes, ID information, etc. Thanks to the glossy sublimation surface, it enables dog tag sublimation. Style the tags with silvery bead chains that will be a hit. The blank dog tags have a glossy white finish and a surface that allows for brilliant colors, easy application, and scratch and fade resistance.

Let’s design our double-sided Aluminum dog tag….

Stuff Required:

sublimate the dog tags some things are required like heat press, tag blank, tape and sublimation paper
  1. Sublimation dog tags blank
  2. Sublimation paper
  3. Thermal gloves
  4. Heat press
  5. Scissor
  6. Cleaner
  7. Blowout or protection paper

Sublimating Dog tags

1. Get a design:

Create a design that accommodates the dimensions of your tag. Get two designs if you wish to sublimate on both sides of the tag. You can use photoshop or any other design software to make your ideal design. While designing, you have to duplicate dog tag layers to make the second side; if you want to create both sides. Another time-saving approach is to download your preferred design from the internet. However, make sure that it follows the size of your tag.

2. Print your design:

You can use sawgrass or Epson printers to print your design. After designing, open the print manager and make the necessary adjustments. Print the design in a mirror image. Hit the print command, and boom, your virtual design takes on a tangible form. Trim the designs as necessary.

Protip: Printing your sublimation designs with RIP printing software adds more capabilities to make your design more colorful, gorgeous, and dramatic.

3. Heat Press:

  • Clean the aluminum dog tag blank with an all-purpose cleaner or a smooth cloth. If there is a film on the tag, it should be removed.
  • Shift the tag to your printed transfer sheet and line it up. Make any necessary adjustments to the tag on your printed transfer sheet. Maintain adequate bleed for your blank, and use heat-resistant tape to cover and adhere the tag thoroughly.
  • Turn on your heat-press and set the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit / 204 degrees Celsius for almost  60 seconds. Sublimation experts recommend Medium-High pressure. However, depending on the equipment you’re using, these settings may differ.
  • Place a layering of protective paper on the heat press’s bottom plate. Align the image in the center of the press.
  • Place the taped dog tag in the heat press and sandwich it between the two layers of protection paper or Endura. Sublimated tag coating will be face up at this time but will be covered by the transfer paper. (The printed transfer is facing down, and the side of the dog tag blank receiving the transfer is facing up).
  • Remove the transfer paper as soon as the sublimation process is complete and allow the object to cool. Before touching the sublimated tag, put on a pair of heat-resistant gloves, as this will be a hot peel.
  • follow the same process for the other side of the tag.


Final Verdict

Dog tags are great for identifying people and pets (blood type, address, phone number, etc.) and other medical or personal information. Dog tags look pretty drab and dull due to this fact. But the best part is that they can be customized on both sides. So, you can personalize your Sublimation dog tags with specialized designs or customized information. Sublimate a dog tag today and give your pet friend an exquisite present.

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