2 Effective ways to Sublimation on Dark Shirts

most of people think that sublimation on dark shirt is not possible. here i'm going to explain proper steps how to sublimate on dark shirts with easy methods

What? Won’t sublimation work on dark shirts? Have you ever heard this myth? Well! To be honest, Sublimation printing on dark fabric is tricky. Because sublimation printing doesn’t show up well on dark shirts as to sublimate dark shirts properly, we must use an under the base, which is quite tiring. On the other hand, experts have …

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Sublimation Two Sided Aluminum Dog Tags

sublimate dog tags is one of most interesting hobby for many people. they love to sublimate their dog tags with favorite design and names.

If you are a military folk, a competitive athlete, a high-school teen, or a pet lover, your passion for dog tags must be the driving force behind your visit. Who wouldn’t want to accessorize with his favorite items and equally want vibrant accessories for his pet? Those items, such as a dog bone tag that …

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