Sublimation on Polyester Tote Bags with Easy Guide

if you are design lover then sublimation is perfect thing for you. you can sublimate many thing like Canvas bag , canvas fabric  and t-shirts etc. Here we will about sublimation on tote bags

Tote bags are making a comeback! As people aim to decrease their usage of plastic bags, tote bags are becoming more popular. Many grocery businesses use canvas tote bags, which they must personalize with their logos to make them a unique brand product. They’re becoming making their place in the current fashion trends too. A tote bag can be transformed from a dull, drab fabric tote bag to a lively, gorgeous, and elegant tote bag by sublimating your favorite design, photo, or anything else.

Sublimation tote bags are by far the most practical way to carry your belongings. They’re almost invincible. That is why you must make certain that you purchase the appropriate sublimated totes.

Material Required:

(1) Sublimation Printer (2) Sublimation inks and papers (3) Sublimation Tote bags blank (4) Heat press (5) Lint roller (6) Heat resistant tape (7) Butcher paper (You’ll need two pieces of butcher paper, one for the middle of the bag and the other for the top while pressing it, only to preserve your ink. Although the tote bags do not appear to bleed in the middle, we recommend applying butcher paper just in case.)

Process | How to make Sublimation Tote bags?

Purchase Reusable polyester tote bags that are ideal for sublimation printing. Get them in linen or white, gift bags, Halloween, candy bags, or grocery bags. Prepare them for sublimation as they arrive at your door; the method is outlined below.

Get your design printed using any sublimation printer, and Prepare your bag for sublimation. Roll over the bag with your lint roller; if you don’t, you’ll get specs and other things on your product that you don’t want, so always roll. Before putting the bag on the heat press, place butcher paper in the center. Turn the bag upside down so that the straps face you, and then push the tucked ends outwards to create a clear and equally spaced image. Place the bag on the heat press and head on to prepress. Place the other butcher paper on top of the bag and prepress it for almost 20 seconds to flatten the creases. Put your bag back in the machine for a few minutes if it’s still wrinkly–another 20 seconds is recommended. Wait a few more moments for it to cool down.

Now, Place your design in the middle and use the straps to center it. When cutting the design, make sure it’s straight and centered; you may use a guillotine paper cutter. Tape down your printed image’s corners with heat tape and cover it with butcher paper. Press it for 60 seconds at 385 degrees. Wear heat-resistant gloves while peeling your design. Roll it with the lint roller and shake it until it’s cool, removing all the press lines.

Now, You have your incredibly cute and colorful tote bag.

Tips and Tricks to sublimate on tote bags:

  • Use sublimation tote bags.
  • To avoid any complications, use butcher paper.
  • It should be pressed for almost 20 seconds.
  • Before pressing, make sure your bag is straight.
  • Tuck the bags ‘ ends outwards to make the operation go more smoothly.


Final Thought

A Sublimation Tote Bag is a great way to carry your stuff. Whether shopping at a supermarket or a marketplace, you can always carry them around. The best part is that they eliminate the need for plastic shopping bags. You can also play a part in maintaining environmental safety. These sublimation tote bags are simple to make and require no upkeep. Sublimation Tote Bags have numerous advantages, including that they are recyclable.

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